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A Complimentary* Offer to complete a Personal Wellness Inventory

National Wellness Institute of Australia‘s (NWIA) model of Wellness depicts 9 dimensions – Physical and Nutritional, Social, Mental, Financial, Occupational, Intellectual, Cultural, Environmental and Spiritual. In these disturbed times Coronavirus has undoubtedly affected in some way, in varying degrees, all nine Wellness dimensions of each and every one of us.

Given one of NWIA’s aims is to promote wellness in the Australian Community, we have taken the decision to offer the opportunity for all community members to engage with an Australian developed Wellness Inventory – the Personal Perceptions of Wellness Profiler (PPWP) – which is normally a fee for service resource provided to members, businesses, wellness practitioners and individuals to support the work of our volunteer not- for- profit organisation.

What is the Personal Perceptions of Wellness Profiler?
The PPWP is a web based tool designed by wellness experts and researchers in partnership with NWIA to help evaluate current wellness balance, and assist individuals with planning and making decisions on how to improve lifestyle. It is not a diagnosis of medical problems. The profiler comprises a series of statements categorised across the dimensions of wellness and seeks your perception of your current rating of and contentment with the rating you give the item. On completion of the survey, you are presented with a report of your wholistic wellness profile and a graphical display of dimension balance across all nine dimensions.

What are the benefits of an Inventory profiler?
The PPWP identifies your overall balance and also the top and bottom items from your ratings and contentment. This gives you a snapshot from which to plan areas to consider in your own wellness program. You are then able to focus or prioritise your efforts to begin to improve your wellness and dimensional balance to move toward your goals for optimal wellness. The system also provides coaches with tools and information to assist them in their work with clients.

Program Confidentiality
All information collected by the PPWP is confidential. This information will be used in the following limited applications:
• preparation of individual online reports returned to the participant on completion,

• development of anonymous group reports for organisational needs, and

• limited research application to improve wellness program and service delivery.
The information will not be used for any other administrative or disciplinary purposes. The collected information is held in a secure, limited access data base and analysis strictly uses de-identified data

Register for your Complimentary Inventory access NOW or for further information:
Please Email: Bob Boyd (MEnv&ComH;BHMS;Dip PE) at bobboyd4@bigpond.com with your first name and surname and advise your request. The return email will provide an individualised password which will enable you to access the Inventory and/or information sought. If after receiving your Inventory results you wish to accept an accompanying complimentary offer of a 15 minute consultation with an accredited Inventory Wellness Coach for a deeper explanation of your results please re-contact Bob Boyd (bobboyd4@bigpond.com) NWIA’s International Wellness Liaison Officer.
*This offer will close on 30 September 2020

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