About Us

Our Vision

We seek to support professional integration for individuals and organisations seeking to incorporate Wellness into their personal, professional and business endeavours.

Our Mission Statement

Committed to Promote, Support and Grow the wellness movement for the benefit of Members, and Society

We aim to:

  • Promote Wellness within the business, education and the general community
  • Represent Wellness professionals as a common voice on professional matters
  • Implement quality professional development activities
  • Grow by increasing membership, improving services and continuing innovation
  • Liaise and partner with professional institutions, organisations, and other agencies

The Who, What and Why and How of the National Wellness Institute of Australia Inc.

NWIA Inc was incorporated in August 2006, following a year of development as an unincorporated organisation. A close relationship was established with the National Wellness Institute (NWI) in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA, by founding members Mr Bob Boyd and Ms Halima Goss. With the support of the US NWI, five more founding members were invited to participate as a management committee for the association as it proceeded with the incorporation process. During the period 2007-2009, NWIA has continued to build its membership and partnerships. By contributing to a range of educational programs, the Wellness paradigm has been discussed in wide ranging contexts across industry groups such as Human Resources, Retail, Fitness, OH&S and Administrative professionals

What types of activities does NWIA get involved in?

NWIA provides a wide range of services to its members such as:

  • Industry education and training based on a set of interrelated core values adopted as an internationally comparable wellness construct
  • Government liaison for policy development
  • Supporting partners in their wellness strategic planning
  • Facilitating professional wellness development activities
  • Representing professionals as a common voice on professional matters
  • Connecting professionals with an interest in wellness from across industries

Why is NWIA important in Australia?

As a peak body for Wellness in Australia without bias in any single profession, NWIA is able to promote the Wellness paradigm by:

  • Establishing links with local, national and international organisations including professional bodies, universities, service providers and local, state and federal government;
  • Contributing to K-12 and Higher education developments in Wellness education in partnership with Academic Institution;
  • Supporting Wellness promotion developments in the community and in workplaces in partnership with local groups – police, school, church, medical centers, sports/fitness organisations, employers;
  • Conduct a range of activities in the form of conferences, forums as a means of developing a better understanding of the concept of Wellness.