NWIA announces:
Two memberships for the price of one – NWIA and NWI


Take out NWI membership in2018 and you will now receive a dual membership with the National Wellness Institute (USA), and as an introductory offer this is at no increase to current NWIA membership rates – $120 for a 12 month membership* – a possible not to be repeated win – win – win scenario.

At the 2017 NWIA Annual General Meeting the NWIA Management Committee was proud to announce the success of negotiations of an agreement on dual membership with the long serving non-profit organisation, the National Wellness Institute (USA) This is in part due to the expanded vision of NWI to provide new Internationally contextualised education, support and resources in order to become a functional player in the wellness movement gathering speed across the globe.      

By becoming a NWIA member, dual membership ensures beside receiving the benefits of NWIA membership (monthly newsletter, discounts for workshops, seminars and resources), you will also receive all the benefits of being a NWI member. NWI being in their 43rd year of operation have a vast number and variety of benefits for wellness practitioners from a broad range of professions. These benefits are briefly listed below and in depth at http://www.nationalwellness.org/?page=MemberBenefit.

Valuable Professional Publications

Members receive periodic issues of these fantastic resources:

  • Members receive periodic issues of these fantastic resources:
  • Wellness News You Can Use—the best wellness news stories, new research, and fun facts. These monthly articles may be used in any publications or e-mails you share with your clients or employees.
  • International Wellness Connection—a series of monthly essays from wellness professionals across the world, providing insights into wellness in their respective countries.
  • Well-Being Practitioner Magazine—innovative, practical information available in an easy-to-read format. Its cutting-edge ideas, trends, and resources guide and inform employee wellness professionals.
  • Monthly member e-newsletter—to keep members apprised of member updates, resources, and key occurrences in the wellness profession.
  • The American Journal of Health Promotion— an optional add-on for members at a rate of $100/year for a 6-issue subscription of this peer-reviewed publication covering several disciplines.

Helpful Online Services – Available to members only

  • FREE live monthly member webinars (plus access to an archive of free on-demand webinars)!
  • Social networking for members, including the ability to create member blogs, build enhanced member profiles, share photos and documents, and join professional and personal interest groups and forums.
  • Online member communities
  • Enhanced career and volunteer center—Search available openings, or post your own!
  • NWI Membership Directory (searchable)
  • Recommended Wellness Links page

Valuable Discounts

  • National Wellness Conference registration
  • A 35% discount on New Harbinger Publications when ordering online at newharbinger.com
  • 10% discount on Whole Person Associates resources when ordering online at wholeperson.com.
  • UWSP Adventure Tours for active adults ($50 discount international tours/$25 discount domestic tours)

The sooner you apply for your NWIA membership (application form below) (the sooner you can access these NWI benefits.

We encourage our members to regularly log in to our new website (www.wellnessaustralia.org and now also the NWI website (www.nationalwellness.org) for updates and new resources.

NWIA Membership application:




Postal Address:_____________________________________________________________________

Membership Types and Fees (please indicate): Individual $120_____ Corporate $620 _____

Concessional $70_____ Student Card Number__________Health Care Card Number___________

 Payments may be made by the following methods:

Cheque       Money Order          Direct Transfer: Make deposit or internet transfer to:

National Wellness Institute of Australia Inc.   St George Bank; BSB: 114 879; Account No: 477248601

Please forward your application form with your payment by cheque/money order to:

National Wellness Institute of Australia Inc to: 6 Vane Street, Tingalpa Qld 4173.

Alternatively, email application form and copy of receipt of payment to: admin@wellnessnessaustralia.org

Please NOTE  – To ensure your dual membership with NWI please follow the process below when applying for your NWIA membership:

Please go to the National Wellness Institute’s website.  https://nationalwellness.site-ym.com/general/register_member_type.asp?  

 Register in the”Individual” category (for other category descriptions contact either NWI or NWIA) On the bottom of the page-click on the”Individual”membership button.  Click on “next” at the bottom of the page.  

Enter in all of your contact information including your address, phone number, work organisation.  Fill out this page completely. Click on the submit button to obtain the NWI membership form. Enter the code ‘NWIA’ in the relevant payment section (check-out) to receive your discount.  To ensure your discount you must click on the “Apply” button on the payment page in the”check-out” section.

Already a NWI / NWIA member?- follow the directions to enter your username and password into the website portal.  Select the Membership button and in the drop-down box select “My Profile”.  You will see a bar at the top of the page marked “Renew Membership”category.   Select that bar to complete the information and submit the NWI membership form.  At the “check-out” section enter the code ‘NWIA’ to ensure your discount (don’t forget to click on the Apply button) and your NWIA-NWI membership will be extended 12 months. You will receive an email response.

Email the NWI response to your submitted form to admin@wellnessaustralia.org for NWIA to finalise your NWI membership for you.