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What is Wellness?

Many people often think Wellness is the more subtle styles of exercise and lifestyle activities like yoga and meditation.

We are here to tell you these activities incorporate only a small component of the bigger picture. There is definitely more to the Wellness dimension than you think.

Wellness Dimensions Definitions

Lets find out how the NWIA defineĀ Wellness

One Definition from the thousands available for each Wellness Dimension[Download Document].

Health and Wellness Differences & Interconnectedness
Differences Between Yet Interconnectedness of Health and Wellness [Download Document].

Well-Known Wellness Definitions
Some Well-Known Wellness Definitions[Download Document].

Well-being, Quality of Life & Wellness Definitions
Some Definitions of Well-being, Quality of Life and Wellness[Download Document].

Wellness from the Inside Out
Wellness for All Australians From the Inside Out[Download Document].

Well(ness) Balance
Find Out How Well(ness) Balanced are You?[Download Document]