What is Wellness?

Our Physical, Social, Emotional, Work, Spiritual Values, Intellectual lives along with our Cultural values, Environment and Finances all impact upon each other and our overall balance – our Wellness. A wellness lifestyle is the commitment and approach adopted by an individual aiming to reach their highest potential

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The Wellness paradigm is concerned with the optimum functioning of individuals in society.
A Well person’s awareness, understanding and active decision-making capacity align with their values and aspirations. A Wellness lifestyle is the commitment and approach adopted by an individual aiming to reach their highest potential for purposes greater than themselves. The outcome of a Wellness lifestyle is a capacity to contribute in positive and meaningful ways to one’s community, society and the welfare of the earth. An individual who adopts a Wellness lifestyle aims to seek and use knowledge to live with balance across the multiple dimensions of their health and wellbeing in concert with others and their environment. On a continuum between low-level Wellness and high-level Wellness, individuals continually move between various states of physical, psychological and spiritual harmony and vary in their capacity to reach aspirations and goals.

Author: Halima Goss, PhD Dissertation, 2010

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